Friday, October 19, 2012

Bald Head Island Fashion

Hello loveleigh's!!

We got back late Monday night from our wonderful vacation to North Carolina! As I mentioned in my previous post my hubby's cousin got married on Bald Head Island! We rented a condo with my in-laws (and yes, I DO like my in-laws!) and spent our time exploring the island on golf carts and bikes! The weather could not have been more perfect while we were there!!

Of course, I tried to look practically fashionable while there! :)

Waiting for the Ferry to Come Take us to the Island!

Since we were had some time I had the hubby take pics of my outfit! :)

Off The Shoulder Sweater: Target (Got it over the summer for around $7!) It's sooo comfy and soft!
Skinnies: Forever 21 ($10)
Boots: Target (got in 2009 for $8!!)
Pink Bubble Necklace: Ebay ($14)
Purse: Betsey Johnson (got in 2009)

Finally on the island and ready to explore on our golf cart! (Note: Please ignore me in the above pic - ha!) :)
(Side Note: So, in our rental agreement for our condo it mentioned the golf carts and about towing and it being your own expense if you have to have one towed [they were referring to if you forget to charge the battery] but I thought it was funny and thought who would need their GOLF CART TOWED?! Of course, ours breaks down and you guessed it - WE HAD TO HAVE IT TOWED!!! I'm convinced this happen only because I thought the idea was so funny!! [And NO we didn't have to pay because it wasn't our fault and they fixed it in about an hour!] :)

There was a SERIOUS Croquet Tournament going on while we were there. Have you ever watched Croquet? It's like watching golf...or fishing...but even more quiet...and everyone is dressed in white.

Old Baldy in the background.

Riding to Old Baldy on our bicycles!

Biking on the island! (Note: I hadn't been on a bicycle in probably 16 years!!!)
Pondering the meaning of life...or my next outfit.
Biking Attire:
Purple Tunic "Sweatshirt"-H&M (old)
Scarf: Forever 21
Black Leggings: Forever 21
Gray Suede Flat Knee-High Boots: Target

Walking on the beach...this lasted all of about 3 minutes. It was SUPER windy!!

So go figure...the whole reason we went to NC was for the wedding and we forgot to take pics!! ha!! My father-in-law does photography on the side so here are a few pics of us that he got!

Glad I wore sleeves since it did get chilly outside at the reception. In certain light the color did/does look a little different but I don't think anyone really noticed!

I don't really dance....the pic above is a good example of why!

Riding back to the mainland on the boat! (Excuse my hair in this pic!)

Fun shot of my Hubby's Aunt & Uncle's House. Para Para Paradise.

Walking in downtown Wilmington on our last day there. Isn't that necklace amazing?! More on that to come next week!!!!

We had an amazing time!!!

An another note, I got an email from HauteLook today offering Nordstrom's 12 Favorite Mascara's for $24! (A $110 value) They are all small/mini sized (0.16 fl oz or smaller) BUT you get 12 (all different brands!) and a really cute blue and white striped bag. Shipping is $5.95 so it would be $29.95...that's about $3 per mascara and then you get the bag for free :) Stuff like this is fun because it lets you try different brands (and most of these you would pay $15-$30 for 1 full size tube!) These would also make great stocking stuffers or gifts for Christmas!!

Have a loveleigh weekend!!

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