Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Review: Not the Musical Hair Spray

Hello loveleigh's!

One of the things I want to do on here is product reviews. I love trying out new products and will admit that I have been a sucker for commercials as well as product packaging from time to time :)

Suave is a "drug store" (i.e. not salon) brand that has been around for years. Personally, I used to associate them with cheap/not very good. Their products were very inexpensive but also very unimpressive! However, they must have gotten the hint because they have had sort of a brand makeover. They have new products and packaging as well as the clever commercials where they compare their products to salon brands.

I decided to try the Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray. This is an aerosol hairspray with an ultra fine mist. First off, I really like the packaging. The can is a simple silver metal can with hot pink accents. It doesn't look cheap but doesn't look fancy either. Just simple.

I normally curl my hair and then spray it once I'm done. I like a hairspray that isn't going to make my hair crunchy. This does that!! I can spray it on and while I can tell I have put it on, my hair is not crunchy or stiff or unmoveable. I also think it smells good :)

You can buy this at any drug store/mass retailer. I bought mine at Target for under $3.00. Good packaging, good product, good price! I will definitely continue to use this product and hope it stays around a while!

Do you have any products you would me to review? Maybe you've seen a commercial on TV, in a magazine or have just wondered about products you see at the store when you're browsing. If so, leave me a comment about what product you would like to see reviewed!

Have a loveleigh day! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't You Step on My Blue Non-Suede Shoes

Hello loveleigh's! Target has been good to me this week! Yesterday I posted a pair of wedges that I bought on Monday for $7.48. I went to a different Target on my way home from work yesterday and found these adorable flats! (Also for $7.48!)

Have a loveleigh day!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Shouldn't Drive a Wedge Between People-One Should Wear Them

Hello loveleigh's! Our weather here in the Midwest has been absolutely gorgeous! Spring doesn't officially begin until 1 week from today but you definitely wouldn't know it by the weather!  (In fact, I think we might hit summer before spring officially begins...the high tomorrow is 84!)

One of my favorite things about warm weather is the shoes! (Well, okay, I love shoes all the time!) :) Wedges are some of my favorite shoes. Why? You can get the height of a heel but the comfort of a non-heel!  They are the perfect not-too-casual and not-too-dressy shoe! You can wear them with almost anything -shorts and a tank, jeans and a t-shirt, your favorite maxi dress or sundress and fun spring and summer skirts!

I found these yesterday at Target on clearance for $7.48. They are a nude/blush color and a lower wedge. I love the little bow on them :)

Have a loveleigh day!! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby's Got Her Colored Jeans On

Hello loveleigh's! I've noticed colored jeans popping up everywhere and have also found a couple outfits on Pinterest that I really liked with colored denim. I wasn't sure how I felt about this trend at first, but have decided that colored denim can be really, really cute and is perfect for spring!!

I went to the mall last weekend to try some on. The couple of outfits I had found on Pinterest had pink ones that I loved. However, I haven't been able to find that shade of pink yet (it is more of a baby pink/blush color). My second choice was yellow, but I'm really picky about yellow. All yellow is NOT created equal. However, I was in luck!! Forever 21 had a pair in the perfect shade of yellow AND they were a great price - $15.50 :)

I wore them to church yesterday with black heels, a black long sleeved shirt with a black sheer/lace tank over it, yellow earrings and ring from Day 31 of my 1 Month of Accessories and my black Juicy Couture purse! Here is some pics (sorry there are none from the front, but you get the idea!!) :)

I liked these so much (and since they price is so great) that I will probably grab a couple more pairs in different colors - they are perfect for Spring/Summer!! If I can find the pink I'm looking for I will def get those, but if not, I would settle for hot pink :) I also think red would be fun and I just saw some mint green ones this morning that I love!!! I may have to limit myself ;)

What do you think of this trend?

Have a loveleigh day!!