Friday, September 28, 2012

8, 29 & Chicago

Hello loveleigh's!

Well a lot has changed since I last posted - I am now 29 and have been married 8 years! :) Our anniversary was on Monday and my birthday was on Wednesday!

We went to Chicago (one of our favorite city's!) over the weekend for a little getaway. It was perfect fall weather there! I definitely wore my boots the entire time! :)

First off, we stayed at the coolest hotel! It's a new hotel downtown called Acme Hotel Company. The location really was absolutely perfect and convenient to everything!! The price was good and it was a really fun hotel! We will definitely be staying here again and recommend it! Here's some pics!

The sign outside

This was right after you walk in. Their restaurant is not ready yet so they had a FREE breakfast buffet each morning in this room!

Fun staircase.

Room Key.

Our Room - King Bed

Wall Decor!

Bathroom Decor - Red Light Up Lips!

I'm always a sucker for the free bath products! :)

Each morning they will deliver coffee for FREE to your room! You request a time the night before then they deliver it to your door at that time. They simply knock once and leave it! You don't have to worry about answering the door or tipping!

So they had these fun little chalkboards on the outside of each door and a piece of chalk right when you walk in the room. Apparently the people staying in the bottom right room had too much to drink the night before!

Me leaving a message before we left saying thanks for the great stay!
(This outfit is similar to the 2nd outfit in my previous post except I did silver jewelry, tan boots and a denim jacket instead of a navy one)

Me reading the instruction manual ;)
I mainly posted this pic since I forgot to take pics of my outfit! It's similar to the 4th outfit in my last post except I did gold jewelry, tan boots and my sweater is a cardigan with ruffles instead of a normal sweater :)

After we got checked into our hotel we went and had a late lunch/early dinner (it was around 3:30 by this time and we were starving!) We always go to Giordano's for some yummy Chicago deep dish pizza!!



Sunday we spent the afternoon at Navy Pier (Tip: There is a free trolly that runs from downtown to Navy Pier and back...we took advantage of this!). Even though we've been back to Chicago almost every year, we haven't been back to Navy Pier since our engagement! I was amazed at how different it was! No, I don't think it had really changed all that much but when we got engaged it was night time, snowing and November! Needless to say, Navy Pier was quite deserted then! However, on a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall Sunday afternoon the place was busy! It was a whole different experience! We walked around for a bit and then role the Ferris Wheel, Swings Ride and played a round of miniature golf! My hubby won....he got 3 hole in 1's!! (I only got 1!)

I got in a few shots of my outfit! You can't tell, but I also have on 2 long sleeved shirts and a tank top under my cardigan! It was cooler than I thought!

Cardigan: Love Culture
Jeans: Forever 21
Basic Long Sleeved White Shirt: Kohl's
Boots: Target (Old)
Scarf: Charming Charlie
Purse: Louis Vuitton

How fun is this pic? It look like a postcard or a vintage photo!

I really want to go out to that lighthouse and explore!

Monday afternoon we headed back home...via train! This is the 2nd time we have done a train ride back instead of flying and we love it!! (Though we got an amazing deal on our plane tickets-it was only $98 for us to fly to Chicago...yes that is the total for BOTH of us...thanks Southwest and your sale you had back in the summer!!) It obviously takes quite a bit longer than a plane, but it's so relaxing! We ate some snacks, took a nap, and read! (Confession: I love re-reading some of my favorite books from childhood and may or may not have read some on the train!)

Union Station in Chicago

Getting on the Train

Union Station Back Home

Chicago is ALWAYS a great trip! While we did walk around and shop...I actually DIDN'T buy anything!!! (I NEVER thought I would say I went to Chicago and didn't buy anything!!) No, I wasn't sick. Yes, I had money to shop with. I just honestly didn't see anything I really wanted! Crazy I know!! When we first started going to Chicago they had several stores that we didn't (i.e. H&M, Nordstrom Rack and yes, even Forever 21....keep in mind we started going there 9 years ago...and we didn't have a Forever 21 then!!) Now we have all of those...while I still love to go and shop, it isn't quite as big of a deal now :)

If you've never been to Chicago, I highly recommend it! It's such a fun city with tons to do!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Arm Party

Happy Friday loveleigh's!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE accessories!! I have an [organized] drawer full of them! As of late, I've been focused on bracelets. The stacking/layering trend is huge right now and I'm taking part! This is a fun and [can be] inexpensive trend that will help liven up your wardrobe! In fact, you may already have pieces laying around that are perfect for this and may not even realize it!

Here are a couple examples of my recent "arm parties"!

Silver & Pearl Arm Party
Pearl Bracelet & Pearl I Am Loved Bracelet-Helzberg Diamonds (FREE)
Silver Stack Bracelets-H&M
Silver Chain Bracelet-Forever 21
I had all of these bracelets already except for the Silver Chain Bracelet which I picked up for $4.80!

Gold Arm Party
Both Chain Bracelets-Forever 21

So, I went "shopping" at my parent's house again! I remembered I had these dainty little ID bracelets when I was little [like grade school age!] and I thought would be perfect for stacking/layering! Luckily I have small wrists so they still fit!

Ok so, I love the J.Crew Pave bracelet but refuse to pay $125 for it. I have found similar ones but they were either too expensive too or the really cheap ones just looked and What I love about the J. Crew one is it takes something edgy and hard like chain metal and softens it with pave crystals/rhinestones. I decided to take that concept and do a little DIY project. I bought the 2 bracelets in the Gold Arm Party above for around $4.80 each. The one with bigger links actually started out silver. (Silver is all they had!) I bought this nail polish at Target for around $ looks like gold dust! I gave each bracelet several coats. This "softened" the look of the shiny metal and adding a hint of shimmer! I know it's obviously not the same as the J. Crew one, but this was a heck of a lot cheaper and I was very happy with the end result! I still need to apply some type of clear/top coat to them just to prevent any chips. Not bad for around $13 though :)


Now, go shopping in your jewelry collection...if you don't like what you have or need more, Forever 21 and H&M are really great, inexpensive places you can go to add to what you already have! Have fun creating YOUR arm party!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chicago Is Calling My Name

Hello loveleigh's!

The hubby and I are going to Chicago soon (Fun Fact: We got engaged there!) and I am so excited! We have been numerous times (Another Fun Fact: We got engaged the day after Thanksgiving [2003] and went back every year on Black Friday up until last year!) and I always look forward to going! I'm looking forward to going at a different time than we have in the past!

I figured I would start thinking about clothes/outfits to take and decided to make some outfits on Polyvore. I realize more and more that I gravitate towards classic things and darker colors (as you will see below)! I don't think my style is boring (at least I hope not!!) but I do tend to like lots of basics mixed with a few fun pieces. Oh, and I have always been and probably always will be more matchy-matchy! I know (especially from reading other blogs) that's not necessarily the "trend". I think color/print mixing CAN look good...I just like more simple (and typically not as colorful!) :) Part of your style is what YOU are comfortable in!

Anyways, here are a few things I came up with!

I thought this outfit would be good for the plane ride and to walk around in! Maxis are so comfy and I'm
trying to get a little wear out of my new leopard print shoes from Target that I talk about in my previous post! Plus they are more airport friendly than boots and will be good for walking around downtown in!

I'm trying really, really hard not to take too many shoes! Boots take up so much room so I'm going to see if I can get by with only taking 1 pair of boots! I think my gray suede knee-high flat boots will be a good choice - comfy enough for walking around but still cute! I may wear the above on the TRAIN ride back! (Yes, we are taking the train back home - so fun!)

The only colorful outfit! (and it's mixed with gray- ha!)
I DID end up buying the denim jacket pictured above from Aeropostale that I mentioned here. It was only $20 and it fits really well (I've already wore it several times!). I'm not a fan of the plaid...HOWEVER, I either don't roll the sleeves OR I just roll them twice and you can't tell! The fabric isn't bonded to the denim so I may try to remove the plaid...I'll let you know if I do and how that goes!

Besides trying to take minimum shoes, I only plan to take 1 purse - my Vuitton!
Also, for this outfit, I have a polka dot cardigan instead of a sweater (and those are black denim skinnies-sometimes it's hard to tell!)

I figure for dinner I will want to dress up a bit more (but I'm not sure if I want to take a dress...) so these are a couple of good "dressy-but-not-too-dressy" options :) (and hopefully I can just take 1 pair of heels....Shoe total so far = 3)

These are just a few thoughts - I may completely change my mind and not take any of this or I may take some! At least this helps me organize a little!! :)

Have a loveleigh day everyone!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...Again!

Hello loveleighs! Sorry for my lack of posting recently. Some days I'm just not motivated or feel I have anything terribly interesting to post! :)

So, I have been eyeing these sandals at Target since they first came out. I love cute sandals like these but refuse to pay $ I've been [im]patiently waiting for them to go on clearance! Last week they were finally 50% off and only had a couple pairs (that just so happened to be in my size). I decided to wait a little longer to see if they would go 70% off. I waited a few more days and decided to go ahead and get them at 50% off (and break my rule!). I went back to get them.....and they were 70% off!!! They still had both pairs so I was able to get these for $5.98 each :)

(Not sure whey it's called "Heeled" there really is no heel!)
Still Full Price ($19.99) on the website
Also available in black.

Gold Glitter - Sold Out on Website
Available in Black Glitter on the Website for $8.74

I won't get much wear out of these this year-it's turning cool here (yay!) and I think we had our last couple of hot days last week! I figure I can wear them a few times (think maxi dresses and a jean jacket - and YES I got one - more on that later this week!) on these last few warmer days before I'm in full on boot mode! :) While sometimes getting things at the end of the season means you don't get to wear them much, it's fun that when that season rolls around again to have something new at the beginning! (and things like these sandals will still be in style and won't scream "last year" or "last season"!)

I plan on posting more this week so stay tuned!

Have a loveleigh day everyone! :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Hate Shopping

Hello loveleigh's!

Yes, me, the author of this blog Loveleigh Shopaholic Confessions just said I hate shopping......for specific items.

I have been on a quest for a new denim jacket. I have one...but I need to get rid of it. It doesn't fit right and it's just not very cute. I want one that is fitted, a lighter wash and that is vintage/worn in/slightly destroyed looking. I would also like to only pay $20-$30. You wouldn't think that would be very hard to find, right? Wrong. So, so wrong.

I bought this one at Forever 21 (but it was a little darker than that and looked much cuter in person). The shoulders and arms fit perfectly, the length was good...but after getting it home and trying it on again, I realized that the waist was not fitted at all and created a boxy shape. Back to the store it went.

After failed Attempt #1, I decided to look all over the mall and went in stores I never go in. (Reason #1 I hate shopping for specific makes me do crazy things! ha!) :) I went in American Eagle, Aeropostale and Abercrombie Kids to name a few.

I found this one at American Eagle....Even though it was $49.95 I still tried it on. (Reason #2 I hate shopping for specific things...I always spend way more than I want and more than I normally would) Cute, right? Nope. Like the Forever 21 one, it wasn't very fitted at the bottom either.

Next, it was onto Aeropostale. I found this one which fit really well (finally!) BUT it wasn't really the color I wanted (which I could have lived with) AND it has pink plaid on the underneath part of the sleeves. I get that you would only see the plaid if you rolled them, but I want to be able to roll the sleeves or cuff them!!! Also, at the time this jacket was full price. The website says this is now $20 (great price!!), so I'm considering going back and buying this as a 2nd option and just never cuff it. (I said 2nd option because I will keep looking for the one that I really want...wherever it is!)

I went into Abercrombie Kids (because I figured Abercrombie would be too expensive). I have shopped there in my adult life....but either I have gotten taller/bigger or everything in the store has shrunk. I get that it's a kids store, but seriously everything looked miniature. Oh, and they didn't have any denim jackets.

Sigh. Time to resort to Ebay. I've ordered a few things off Ebay, but it's hard with clothes because you don't know if it will fit. I found this jacket from Abercrombie on there. I won it for $29.10 including shipping. I got it yesterday in the mail and was hoping it wouldn't be too big. Well, it definitely wasn't too big. I tried it on and it is so cute on!!! It's exactly what I want-perfect color, perfect length, perfect distressing, looks like a perfect fit....except I feel like Randy in a Christmas Story when he has the snow suit on and can't move his arms. The arms and armpit (<--sorry, I hate that word) area are so tight I might as well be having my blood pressure checked. I tried it on several times throughout the night, thinking that it would somehow magically get bigger the more I tried it on or maybe it wasn't so bad. I don't understand - this is a Juniors small (not even an x-small) and I'm not a very big person! I'm so bummed because it's exactly what I wanted. (Reason #3 I hate shopping for something specific-you find it and it's exactly what you are looking for but it doesn't fit.) Once I fully stop being in denial that this is simply not going to work I will relist it on Ebay.

So, there you have it. I love shopping, but I really, really dislike shopping for something specific. It stresses me out, I become obsessed and I will probably end up spending way too much! I'm going to go to a few more places tonight after my hair appt (yes, today is the day for my bangs and I can hardly wait!). Wish me luck!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!