Friday, July 27, 2012

Bows, Bows, Bows

Hello loveleigh's!

I still had a $20 Nordstrom Note and was browsing online and saw this adorable sweater.

I wasn't sure which color I wanted or if I should get a x-small or small. (This is one of the reasons I don't shop online much.) I checked to see if it was available in the Nordstrom by me, but it wasn't, so I decided to order the gray one in a x-small and the cream one in a small. That way, the color can be decided for me by whichever one ends up fitting the best :) After using my $20 NN (and after I return one of them), I'll only end up spending around $13 with tax (since Nordstrom has free shipping!). Not bad!

This will also look perfect with my Bow earrings & ring from Day 5 of my 1 Month of Accessories!

Have a loveleigh weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fashion Craves

Hello loveleigh's!

Here are my top 5 current fasion craves.

1. Hendri Bendel Wellies in Black. I mentioned here about discovering Henri Bendel and my early birthday present. These wellies are normally $88 but the black ones are on sale/clearance for $44. Love the stripes! (I mean c'mon, who doesn't?) Plus they would match my purse :) I could see myself wearing these a lot in the fall/winter on the weekends (if we ever get to fall weather that is). I may order these before I get to the end of my post...

2. Denim Jacket-I have a denim jacket....but it's several years old. It doesn't fit like I want it to.

I tried one on at Nordstrom (I think it was this one in the dark wash). I would only like to spend $30 or under. I do have a $20 Nordstrom Note so the Nordstrom one would be around $40. I may go back and get it since this would definitely be a wardrobe staple that I would probably wear all the time. I could wear it with the Bendel boots too ;)

Here is a pic of the beautiful Vanessa Lachey pairing hers with a maxi, which I love! I love that hers has snaps instead of buttons too!

3. The Bubble Necklace Yes, I know I'm a little behind on this trend (at least in blogging world). However, I refuse to pay an absurd $150 for this. Thanks to Ebay (and China) though, I can pay about 90% less :) These are as cheap as $11.99 on Ebay. Here's the colors I'm thinking. I may order 2 now (hot pink and turquoise) and 2 later (green and blue).

4. Chambray Shirt-I realize, like #3 I'm a little behind on this trend too. I honestly wasn't sure at first if I even liked them. (I kept having flashbacks to the early 90's...I'm pretty sure I had one when I was in 4th grade...and it had pearls on it.) Plus, I've seen some celebs in them looking like they just rolled out of bed. Not. flattering. However, after seeing some cute outfits that real people are wearing, I have decided I want one (and will probably wear it often....hopefully mine won't be unflattering.) I mentioned here that I tried a few on this weekend but couldn't find the right one. I'm still looking for the right one. It will fit perfectly and be around $15!

Good Chambray:

Bad Chambray:
*Please note-I like both Vanessa AND Jessica..just not Jessica's choice of outfit here! :)
(I even had 2 JS songs in my wedding, including the one I walked down the aisle to!)

5. Sheer Shirt-I really like this outfit I pinned on Pinterest and have been looking for a light colored sheer shirt. There is a fine line between a super cute sheer shirt and one looking like an 80 year old would wear...or like you stepped out of 1992. I have tried on a few unsuccessful ones. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, right?

I feel like I would wear all of these quite a bit. Some are wardrobe staples and others are more fun but are very versatile! Oh, and I did order the boots :) I signed my hubby up and had him "order for me". By doing this I saved 10% AND got free ground shipping (normally $9) so my grand total was $39.60 :) Yay!

What are you current fashion craves?

Have a loveleigh day everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Baroness

Hello loveleigh's!

One of our favorite movies to watch is "The Sound of Music" (yes, my hubby even likes it!!).

If you have seen it, you know that Baroness Scraeder is quite the fashionista. I'm obsessed with this shirt.

Polka dots and a huge statement bow? Yes, please!! Love the strands of pearls with it too!! I would wear it with a suit like she does (with or without the jacket), or a pair of skinny pants or jeans and some fun heels!

Someone seriously needs to come out with a shirt like this ASAP. They could even name it the Baroness. I personally think it would sell....I would buy it!! You could even do different color combos and patterns...oh, how I wish I could sew. Maybe I will pay someone to make it for me....or see if I can figure out a no sew option.

What do you think of this shirt? Would you wear it?

Have a loveleigh day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All That Glitters

Hello loveleigh's!

We all need a little glitter in our lives now and then, right? Here are a couple (inexpensive!) options to help with that :)

I bought these at Target last week for $7.48. I think they'll be perfect for fall! It's hard to tell in the pictures, but they are sort of this glittery metallic taupe color....

We all know that glitter nail polish is the trend right now. My Pastor's wife (yes, I have a really cool Pastor and Pastor's wife!) had a glitter french mani on Sunday. I really liked it so decided to try it out for myself! It was super easy to do and here's the results:

I used 2 coats of NYC Starry Silver Glitter nail polish (I got mine at Target for $0.99). It's small silver/white glitter with larger pieces of blue and pink glitter mixed in. I like the pink but am not a huge fan of the blue pieces. Next time I think I'll see if I can leave the blue pieces out (you can see them on your brush so you could fairly easily just pick them off.) Next, I applied 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Polish in Natural Tint and lastly a top coat (I use Essie).

VoilĂ ! Cheap and easy glitter french mani!!

What do you think of the glitter trend?

Have a loveleigh day everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Unsuccessful Shopping

Hello loveleigh's!

Have you ever had one of those unsuccessful shopping days....the kind that you may go to several different places and try on several different things, but they don't have your size or nothing works/fits/etc.? That was my Saturday!

It actually started on Friday. I went to Target over lunch and saw these cute little sandals on clearance for $4.48:

They are girl's, but I have small feet so I can usually fit into a 3 or 4. Unfortunately they did not have anything bigger than a 2 so I figured I would just look at a different Target. 4 Target's* later? (including 1 where they were on clearance for $2 and change?!) Nope. Sigh. (*No, I did not drive all over the City just going to Target. When I was going other places on Saturday they had Target's near, so since I was by them I checked them.)  Maybe I will order them online. $7.48 still isn't a bad deal!

Next, I went to the mall...mainly to go in Nordstrom (which was CRAZY due to the Anniversary Sale!).

I found these white Hudson Beth Baby Bootcut Jeans on sale/clearance and tried them on.

Unfortunately they only had the size up from mine...I was hoping they would still work, but they were too big. As a last resort I checked the website and they don't even have the size I tried on.

Next, I headed up to the BP department where I tried on this Lush Sheer Panel High/Low Shirt in ivory.

The shirt fit okay but I could not stand the back! I get the high/low trend that is in right now; however, the back reminded me of tuxedo tails and literally came down to the backs of my knees. Umm, no thank you. One of the girls who worked there told me I could try tucking it in or tieing it (and then tied it for me). Umm, no again. Not the look I was going for.

Next, I went in Love Culture which just opened here. (Saturday was actually it's grand opening day). Of course nothing fit right. I tried on 2 Chambray/denim was too big and the other was too small in the boobage area. (Button down shirts and I sometimes have issues...they fit great through the body but are too tight in the boobage area or fit in the boobage area but are too big in the body...does anyone else have this problem?!) I tried on several other shirts and a maxi dress...all were too big or didn't fit right. The only thing that fit was a tank and a pair of pants...and by then I decided I didn't really like them that much! Ha!

Apparently it just wasn't my day to buy anything! I did get my free undies from VS and a pair of cute boot socks and Steve Madden gray lace hose from DSW (I paid under $2.00 for both!) with my coupons (because, of course, I didn't really find any shoes, go figure!)

Oh well! I'm not TOO just means next time I'll probably find a TON of stuff! :) (and yes, believe it or not, I do realize there are way more important things in life than my unsuccessful shopping trip!) ;)

Do YOU ever have shopping days like this?

Have a good one, loveleigh's!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hello loveleigh's!

The winner of the Giveaway for these...

is Nicole Glauser! Congratulations Nicole! Email me ( your address and I will put them in the mail!

I have a few coupons (free undies from VS, two $5 off coupons from DSW and a $20 Nordstrom Note...and it's their Anniversary Sale) so I'm headed to the mall this weekend to find some great deals! I'll post what I find next week!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

Hello loveleigh's!

We've all heard the saying "What goes around comes around" and things like "If you keep it long enough it'll eventually come back in style."

I'm pretty sure my Mom has never really cleaned out her jewelry. Instead, all of her old jewelry is in my old dresser in my old room at their house (along with jewelry that was my Grandma's that you've heard me mention on here). Most of it is just costume jewelry from the 90's, but I go through it from time to time and always seem to take something "new" home with me!

We all know anchors/nautical are really big right now. Remember this ring from Forever 21 that I posted?

Anchor Ring from Forever 21 $4.80
Purchased in 2012

Look what I found in my Mom's old jewelry!

Vintage Anchor Earrings

The ring and earrings were only bought 15-20 years apart! So fun!! I was so excited when I found these!! 

Here are some of the other fun pieces I found:

Vintage Gold Chain-Like Necklace

Black/Red Statement Necklace

Silver Necklace &
Twisted Two Tone Necklace

Vintage Orange Stud Earrings
Vintage Orange/Pink/Yellow Earrings

Vintage Bows

Vintage is considered anything that is 15-20 years old. I figure most of this stuff is from the early 90's so I have some more vintage pieces now :)

Which is your favorite?

Lastly, don't forget the GIVEAWAY ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm CST for these little gems. {They are brand new NOT vintage}

I've only had a few entries and would like to have more people enter so make sure you click on giveaway above which will take you to my original post where you will be instructed how you can win these (it's nothing complicated, I promise!) :) The winner will be announced tomorrow. Free earrings, who wouldn't want those? :)

Have a loveleigh day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crepes Color and Fish

Hello loveleigh's!

Saturday (yes, I know I'm a little late in posting this) we went downtown for breakfast to Chez Elle this cute little creperie. We'd been there before for a Christmas party and have been meaning to go back and finally did! We got the Patriot  (sweet) and the Monsieur (breakfast crepe)....both were so yummy!!

It also happened to be Bastille Day so all of the staff (including our friend Paul who works there) were in character, complete with berets, scarfs and moustaches...and they also had moustaches for the customers! It made for a very fun breakfast :)

Saturday evening we went with my parents to dinner to the City Fish Market. We've been going there since I was little. It's not fancy (at all), it's not healthy (at all) but it's yummy and the people who work there are always really nice!

Fried Basa & Fries with Hot Sauce

Not that I'm done posting about food (because I know most of you probably don't care about that!) this is what I wore Sat night.

Fedora: Target (last year-kid's section!) (Cute options here and here)
Green Ruffle Tank: Kohl's (Similar here or here in a different color)
Skinnies: Forever 21
Wedges: Target (I posted about them here)
Bracelet: Old
Necklace: Cents of Style (no longer available) (similar here and here)
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Lastly, don't forget about the GIVEAWAY to win these:

Ends TOMORROW at 11:59pm CST.

Have a loveleigh day!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Striped Chachi

Hello loveleigh's!

When I got home the other day I decided to take my pup for a walk. I was in a maxi dress (and we all know how comfortable they are) so I decided not to change :) Obviously we didn't go for a run or a power walk, just a nice little stroll through our neighborhood :)

This is actually 2 (thin) maxi dresses (these are kinda like 2 extremely long tank tops). Yes, you can even layer maxi dresses! :) I got these on clearance at Target last year for around $7 each.

I paired it with an inexpensive pink bracelet, a necklace I bought of Haute Look a couple months ago (go here for an upclose look - it's the White Lucite Bauble Cluster Front Necklace) and some pink sandals that I bought last year in the kid's section at Target for $4.24! Here's an upclose look at the sandals:

I thought I'd share a few pics of my pup too! His name is Chachi Dexter. He's 4 1/2 and is a Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pomeranian (as my husband says "basically all the chick dogs in one") :) I've never met a dog with as much personality as he has and he is my {fur} baby - those of you who have dogs probably understand!

Also don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!

Have a loveleigh day everyone :)