Monday, May 21, 2012

Eight Ninety Eight

Hello loveleigh's! I picked up a couple more pairs of shoes (imagine that!) last week at Target. Both were on clearance for $8.98 (each)!


I'm not sure why the 2nd pair has "black" in the name since they are turquoise! Also, both of them are still full price online!

I wore the 2nd pair to church yesterday with a pair of dark skinny jeans, tuquoise tank under a white long sleeveless,turquoise feather earrings (that I also bought when I got both of these shoes for $2.98) and a turquoise bracelet. They add a fun pop of color to my shoe wardrobe :)

Have a loveleigh day everyone! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bright Whites

Hi loveleigh's! A couple months ago I ordered a pair of Hudson jeans from HauteLook. If you are not familar with HauteLook, it is a website offering members limited-time sales on clothing, accessories, kids' items, home decor, and beauty products. Unfortunately, Hudson wasn't able to fulfill all of the inventory ordered, so HauteLook issued me a $10 credit as a way to say sorry.

I was browsing on there this morning and came across some really fun jewelry, but need help deciding which one I should order!

White Lucite Drop Double Row Necklace-$18

White Lucite Drop Long Necklace-$17

White Lucite Drop Short Necklace-$15
Graduated Bauble Short Necklace-$15

Chain Link & Bauble Station Double Strand Necklace $17

White Lucite Bauble Cluster Front Necklace-$10
White Lucite Bauble Necklace-$12
White Lucite Stretch Bracelet-$10

White Lucite Double Drop Earrings-$8

Which is YOUR favorite?

Also, if you haven't signed up for HauteLook (it's free to join!), I can send you an invite! Leave me your email address (either in the comments below or shoot me an email: or go here to sign up!
Lastly, you can now follow my blog via email! On the right side bar you'll see where it says "Follow by Email" - simply put your email address in and hit submit! You will receive an email notification when I post something new and can actually read the post in your email! (There is also a link to the new post as well) :)

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Threebie Freebie & An Addendum

Hello loveleigh's! We all love getting free stuff, right? No matter how small it is, I love getting stuff free! :) Often times company's will give away free stuff to get you to try their product (or whatever they are selling) in hopes that you will try it, love it, and then come back and buy it!

This weekend I got 3 items totally free :)

As I mentioned before, I have a Victoria's Secret credit card and one of the perks is they send out coupons for free undies quite often! I usually get one about once a month and they are "no purchase necessary"! You can go to either a normal Victoria's Secret or a Victoria's Secret PINK store for these. On some of the freebies they limit you on the color, but I've found if you go to the PINK store, they typically let you choose whatever color or print you want (even if the coupon says certain colors). The ones I got were hot pink with a cute little bow. Price tag=$11.50. My cost=$0.00

They will usually give you a receipt with your freebie (yes, a receipt for $0.00), and if you look towards the bottom, there is typically a $10 off a $50 purchase by going and filling out a survey. As an addendum to my previous 2 posts:

12. Always Check Your Receipt-Often times in exchange for filling out a short survey online or via phone you can save money on your next visit (by bringing back the receipt with the code filled in). Sometimes it's a certain % off and sometimes it may be a certain dollar amount off. This is a great tip with any receipt you get whether it's from buying clothing, food or groceries! Also, don't forget to turn your receipt over-some have coupons printed right on the back that most people overlook!

13. Sign Up for Text Messaging/Mobile Coupons-I mentioned signing up for emails but a lot of places have mobile coupons/offers as well! (Again, not just clothing retailers - a lot of restaurants have this as well!) Last week I received one from JC Penney that said "Visit the nearest jcp salon in May and receive a complimentary quick hair touch up and an OPI mini nail polish". I stopped by the salon and was given the choice of a hot pink or maroon mini OPI polish (why is everything miniature so cute?!) and was also given a (large - 0.85 fl oz.) sample of Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. Since this is a serum, a little goes a long ways so this will last me a while! (The polish too...have you really ever used a whole bottle of nail polish?!) I didn't have to show the text message, so if you're wanting to pick up a couple freebies too, head into your nearest JC Penney salon!

Have a loveleigh day! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours - Part 2

Hello loveleigh's! Yesterday I posted Part 1 From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours :) Here are the rest!

7. Check Different Locations-Different stores will carry different merchandise and will also mark down things at different times. There are 3 different Targets that I go to (depending on where I'm at) and they all 3 carry slightly different things and mark down items at different times. A couple months ago I bought some shoes that were 70% off at one Target but were still full price at a different location!  This is important to keep in mind, especially if you see something you like that isn't marked down yet (or marked down low enough) or if you buy something and see it at another location for a lower price.

8. Online-I honestly don't do a lot of shopping online. However, sometimes I will go online before I go to a store. This can be helpful for stores that are large or that have a lot of merchandise (hello, Forever 21). By going online first, often times you can narrow down specific things to look for once you get in a store. Keep in mind though, that you might not always be able to find everything that is online in the store. I look online at Nordstrom quite a bit which is a great way to snag sale items - and they have free shipping which is always a huge plus when it comes to online shopping!

9. Small? Shop Kids!-Yes, I will admit it. I still shop in the kids department occassionally. If you are small and petite and/or have small feet, don't be afraid to go to the kids department! Often times their stuff is cheaper and chances are you probably won't run into anyone else wearing it (except for maybe an 8 year old) ;) Some of you will remember these from Day 26 of "One Month of Shoes". I got them in the kid's department at Target last year for $4.24! :)

10. Try On-I'm mentioning trying stuff on because this can help you narrow down items and help you decide if you really want to buy it. Sometimes things can look completely different on than on the hanger. No matter how inexpensive it is, it's not a great deal if you will never wear it!!

11. Know the Return Policy-Different stores have different return policys. Some are 21 days, some 30 days, some 60 days, some 90 days, some no time limit at all! Some offer cash back while others only offer store credit. All of this is good to know at stores you frequent. That way if you find a better deal somewhere else you can simply and easily return the more expensive one.

I hope these tips have helped you! If there are any that YOU have feel free to add them in the comments below.

Have a loveleigh day everyone!! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours - Part 1

Hello loveleigh's! If you know me, you know I LOVE finding a great deal! I think it just makes shopping that much more fun :) I've put together a list of some of my tips to help YOU become a bargain shopper as well!

1. Go Shopping Often-No, I don't mean you need to go every day. There are a couple stores (Target & Kohl's) that I usually go to once a week and then some I go to 1-3 times a month (Forever 21/H&M). By going often, you can watch certain items as they get marked down and grab them when they are finally at the price you want. Also, stores like Forever 21 and H&M move/change their merchandise pretty often so there is always something new when I go in there.

2. Know How Stores Mark Their Stuff Down-This is very important in order to get "rock bottom" prices! You might think that 50% off is a great deal, but if the store has a habit of marking things down to 70% or 80% off, then often times it's better to wait! As I mentioned in my previous post, Target marks their stuff down on a scale of 30% - 50% - 70%, while Kohl's clearance is usually 60% - 70% - 80%.

3. Know What Is a Good Price And What Isn't-Sure, those shoes might be 50% off but if they were $100 to begin with, is $50 really a good price for those? Sometimes that sale or clearance price might seem like a great deal, but stop and think, if the sale price were really the full price (i.e. no alluring sticker), would you buy it? Those stickers and marked down prices can be very appealing and stores will definitely use those to their advantage. This is important to keep in mind.

4. Do Brands Really Matter? It's true, certain brands will definitely hike up the price. It's also true it's sometimes more fun to say I got these ________[insert brand] for $ [insert great price here]. However, most of the time, I think it's just an added bonus. Unless the brand is very obvious when you are wearing it or unless you can really tell the difference between the more expensive brand and a cheaper brand, a lot of the time the brand doesn't matter. I remember a few years ago buying a pair of pink heels. I bought them at Burlington and a few weeks later was at Nordstrom and saw the same exact shoe, just a different brand. They were probably 3-4x the price at Nordstrom and I guarantee you no one would have known the difference!

5 Credit Cards-Now, before I go further with this one, if you can't use a credit card responsibly (responsibly=you put something on it then you pay it off right then or when the bill comes) then just skip this one and go right to #6! :) Okay, if you are still reading this, then I take it you can use a credit card responsibly. A lot of stores have their own credit cards. Often times by having their card, you can earn points, rewards, extra savings, etc. If there are stores that offer a credit card that you shop at often, this is a great way to earn freebies and save yourself some money! I have a Victoria's Secret credit card and a Nordstrom credit card and have gotten lots of freebies by having both of them!

6. Emails, Coupons & Reward Clubs-One of the easiest ways to save money and land a bargain is by signing up for store emails. A lot of stores will send out coupons to the customers that are signed up. I've received some that are % off and some that are $___ off $___ purchase. (The best ones are the ones where the $ off is the minimum purchase-i.e. $10 off a $10 or more purchase. These are basically like getting a gift card/gift certificate to that store for free!) DSW & Kohl's are great ones to sign up for!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours :)

Have a loveleigh day everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loveleigh Shopping Destinations

Hello loveleigh's!

Part of bargain shopping is knowing WHERE to shop! I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite places to shop :)

1. Forever 21-What girl doesn't love Forever 21? I remember going there for the first time my senior year of high school on spring break in Texas. I was in awe:) Prior to them opening a store in Kansas City (I still don't know why it took them so long), I would always go in and stock up on things when I was out of town (Texas, Chicago, St Louis, LA) or would order things online. I was so excited once we got them here a few years ago and especially once we got one at Oak Park Mall! There is always a huge selection (so much that it sometimes can be overwhelming) and this is one of the few places that I will buy things full price. I'll often look online before I go since there are so many items in the store. This gives me a way to sort through things and to look for items that have great prices. Then, I go to the store and keep an eye out for these specific things. (Though often times trying to actually find it in the store is challenging and everything that is online isn't always in the store!) The key to Forever 21 is to go when you have some time. There is so much to look at!

2. Target-My favorite 1 stop shopping place! I can go to the bank, get my groceries, toiletries, a new pair of cute shoes, a dress, a bathing suit and a new shade of nail polish all at the same place! There just so happens to be a Target right by my work and another one right on my way home from work (and only a few minutes from my house) so I go to Target pretty frequently. When it comes to clothes, shoes or accessories, I rarely ever buy anything full price at Target. Target used to mark down their stuff on a scale of 25%, 50%, 75% but I believe they have recently changed it to 30%, 50%, 70% (so better initial markdown but 3rd markdown isn't as great). I usually try to wait until it is 70% off unless it is something that I really, really like and don't think it will still be there at 70% off (like if it's the only one left). Even then I will usually only get it if it's 50% off (and will probably keep checking to see if I can find it cheaper). If I do find it cheaper, I simply return the higher priced one :)

3. Kohl's-Okay, I have a confession. I used to think that Kohl's was boring and wouldn't admit that I liked it. Then I found myself going there more frequently and realized that I actually do like it! Kohl's is one of those places that everything always appears to be "on sale" (can we say marketing technique!). However, I think most of their "sale" prices are still way too expensive. I honestly only shop for things that are on clearance AND if I have a coupon! There is almost always a coupon for at least 15% off (sometimes 20% or 30%) and you can use it on anything (i.e. clearance). So, I take my coupon in and head straight for the clearance and look for things that are 70% or 80% off. 80% is typically their lowest markdown. Occasionally you might be able to find something that is 90% off, but those are pretty few and far in between. Last year, by shopping clearance and using a coupon I got this cute blue puffy coat for $6! (This is just 1 example of MANY) :)

4. Nordstrom-Yes, I know. Nordstrom doesn't scream bargain. However, they DO have sales and one of the few things that I will splurge on is designer jeans (but that is a whole another blog post) :) They have their Half Yearly Sales and Anniversary Sale where you can get new items for the upcoming season marked down! (So basically you can get them on sale as soon as they come out) :) I don't shop at Nordstrom all the time, but I DO like it for a few specific items. (and their yummy cafe!!!)
5. Burlington Coat Factory-Even though it's called a coat factory, I look here for shoes! I have gotten quite a few pairs of cute shoes here for $10-$15 full price!

6. H&M-We FINALLY got an H&M here last year (yes, Kansas City is a bit slow when it comes to fashion sometimes). However, my closet already contained quite a bit of H&M from our trips to Chicago and LA :) I typically look for their "red tag" things when I shop here or the occassional item that I feel is cheap enough to begin with.

7. DSW-I only shop here when I have a $10 off any purchase coupon. Then I head straight for the Clearance rack and look for the 70% (or the ocassional 80% off) shoes. Besides the $10 Guess Boots I mentioned in a previous post, I bought a pair of slippers for $0.18 (yes, 18 CENTS) and a pair of adorable Steve Madden flats (which I will be posting soon) for under $4.00 :)

Where are some of YOUR favorite places to shop?

Have a loveleigh day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Showers Bring...Snow Boots

Hello loveleigh's! It has been awhile since I have posted and I'm going to try to post more often! I have lots of ideas...I just don't always follow thru with posting them:)

A couple weekends ago I went to DSW-I had a $10 "rewards certificate" from some shoes Ryan had purchased (and actually took back) and then I received a $10 off any purchase coupon in my email. After reading the fine print I saw that I could use them together (yay!) so I took my $20 and went straight to the clearance section! After browsing thru several racks I tried on 3 pairs of boots and decided on these.

Guess Wedge Snow Boots :) These will definitely come in handy next winter!! (Unless of course we have another mild winter like this past year.) They had originally been $100 and were 70% off which made them $30....minus my $20 in coupons and rewards....I left paying $10.87 including tax :)

Want to get great deals too? Sign up for DSW's Reward Program! I signed up in the fall and have already received a $10 off any purchase coupon 3 times! I don't ever really shop there unless I have a coupon. Once they send it to me, I always head straight for the clearance section and look for the items that are 70% (or more!) off. (Shopping Tip: The sign above the shoes shows different colors that represents the stickers on the marked down shoes and what % off that pertains to [i.e. Red=30% off, etc.]. 80% is not shown on the sign, but if you look, usually you can find some.....I believe they have a yellow sticker) :)

Have a loveleigh day! :)