Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty Three For Four at Target

Hello loveleigh's!

I went to Target a few days ago. (Shocker, I know). It had been awhile (a week or longer) since I'd browsed the clearance and even longer since I had been to the one by my work (which is one of my fav Targets) so I went on my lunch break for a quick fix. Here are my findings! (*Keep in mind that more often than not things are always cheaper in store than online, which is the case here!!)

in Cosmo Pink 
This is a very see thru knit sweater that is 3/4 sleeves. (You'll need to wear a cami under...personally, I would wear something either the same color or a darker color, otherwise the cami stands out more rather than blends in.)

I really, really like this dress! Besides the price, it fit me perfectly, the fabric is silky, it has a fun zipper up the back has pockets!!! I love, Love, LOVE dresses with pockets!! I probably won't wear this for a while since it's more of a spring/summer dress but it's fun to buy something and save it and then when that season rolls you already have something waiting for you!

in Dark Heather Grey

A oh-so-versatile skirt for $5 and change. Need I say more?


I've been wanting a little more leopard in my life! (I now have 3 pairs of leopard for each type of weather...sandals for hot weater, flats for in-between weather and ankle boots for cold weather!) You can never be too prepared :) ha!!

Those are my findings from that trip to Target...there's been another trip since then to a different Target with more findings!! I'll post those later this week! ;)

Have a loveleigh day!

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