Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hello loveleigh's!

I was browsing clearance at Target (shocker, I know) and came across these mirrors. (Excuse the photo - I took it in the car!)

Our bedding has a pattern similar to this so I thought these would be fun to hang on the wall in our bedroom. Currently our walls are chocolate but we are wanting to paint and go lighter-I think more of a gray. (We are also thinking of moving!) :) I also have a gray comforter that I bought at Target last year for really cheap ($17!) that this would look really fun with if we want to change out some things. I figure we could leave these as is or we could always paint the black frame parts gray or white if we want to lighten them up a bit.

These were normally $16.99 but were 70% off so they were $5.08!! I picked up 3 of them because I thought on a large empty wall 3 would be perfect!

Great Price!!

Close Up of Pattern

Have a loveleigh day everyone!


  1. Are you serious? I LOVE those little red tags at Target...the sale items! I was thinking about that yesterday. Cute mirror. I'm jealous!