Thursday, April 4, 2013

Look for Less-Studded Boots

Hello loveleigh's!

Sorry it has been sooo long since I have posted. March was a crazy month. One of our cars was totaled (everyone is ok though!) so we have been looking for a new replacement car (coming soon!). Also, our Chachi had surgery to remove some lumps THEN decided to eat my hubby's nightguard which led to another trip to the vet. The lumps were benign (thank God!) but between the surgery, xrays for the nightguard and followup appts he was at the vet every week of March (and he HATES going to the vet....he poops as soon as we walk in because he gets so nervous).  Oh, and we also had more snow. In March. So, in all honesty, I didn't really do much shopping. In fact, I thought I was going to go the whole month (!!!!!!) and not buy anything but went shopping last Sat and was able to make a few small purchases (I spent a whopping $15) right before April :)

I had a coupon for a FREE full size VS Fantasies spray at Victoria's Secret. I don't normally wear these so in I went and sprayed, sniffed and smelled all of them. I'm really sensitive about fragrances and really all of them were a little too sweet smelling for my liking. (From VS I love Pink and the Love my Body Mists in White Tea & Sage and Jasmine & Water Lily.) Since it was free though, I decided on the new Lemon Escape which is a blend of lemon sugar and coconut. I figure it will make a fabulous air freshner even if I don't wear it! (Or maybe a blog giveaway?!) ;)

So, I have been trying to figure out since the fall if I like the whole laceup/combat boot trend. I think it can look cute with the right outfit but I just wasn't sure if it was for me. Lately though (just in time for Spring-ha!), I decided I wanted a pair to throw on with some skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt for a laid back casual look. I've looked a couple places for them but really didn't want to shell out a lot of $$. I found these on Saturday.

The weather was a little chilly last night so I wore them to church with my skinnies and a long sleeved t-shirt. You can wear these a variety of ways, but I prefer to fold the tops down and wear them like this.

These look almost exactly like the Steve Madden Tarnney Boots. Here's a pic of the black SM ones.

They also have these Kody Studded Combat boot at Target (which I don't like the looks of these as much, at least in this picture. The shape of them looks weird to me.)

3 very similar boots. 3 very different prices! 

They don't have the black ones on the Steve Madden website anymore, but they have brown ones and they are ON SALE for $104.98! The Target ones are full price for $39.99. Mine are from Kohl's (Brand=Candies) were on clearance for $17.....AND I had a 30% off I only paid around $12!!!

Even if I only get to wear them a couple of times now (but who knows with our weather..sheesh) I have a feeling come fall I will get quite a bit of use out of them!

I hope your enjoyed my "Look for Less"!

Have a loveleigh day everyone!!

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  1. I miss your blog postings! Hope to see some more soon!