Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Hello loveleigh's!

I have been eyeing these wedges at Target since they first came out. I would check week after week and was so excited when they started marking them down! They originally were $29.99 and are now finally 70% off at one of the Target's I frequent, so I paid $8.98 for them. I originally was eyeing the blue/green ones, but after seeing the gray/yellow ones, I decided to get both! (I have a really bad habit of buying the same thing in different colors). However, I got 2 pairs for a little over half of what 1 pair cost :)

Simple, easy and inexpensive way to add some color to your shoe wardrobe!!

Have a loveleigh day! :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!!! I saw some cute, cheap dresses to go with them-

  2. Those are cute!! I love the print on that last one! I ran by Wal-Mart last night to see if they had it..they did but not in my size. It did look fairly thin so I'm not sure if it would be too "see thru" on or not. I may check a different Walmart to see if they have my size and try it on :) Thanks for the finds!!

  3. Heyy i just got this shoes like a month ago, but never found the right outfit with them. I was wondering if you can maybe help me on an outfit. I need it by this saturday, like what color dress would be good for the blue and green wedges..