Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hair Talk

Hello loveleigh's! Sorry it's been a bit since I've posted. I recently went thru old photos (and posted them on Facebook!). I have so many great memories....and hair styles/cuts/colors!!

My hair has been everything from super blonde to dark brown (and several shades in between), super short (chin length bob!) to super long (waist length when I was young!), bangs (several variations), no bangs, layers, no layers, straight, curly, wavy...you get the picture...in case you don't though here are a few pics of me as a brunette and a blonde!

December 2003

June 2007

July 2006

May 2005

I stopped coloring my hair a little less than 5 years ago - I've decided I like my natural strawberry blonde/red hair (and it's soo much easier/healther/cheaper!!) :) I also like it long, and have no plans to cut it any time soon. Since I don't color my hair and don't really cut my hair (except trims....I have even grown most of my layers out!) I usually change up my bangs. Around this time every year I want to change up my style a bit and usually want bangs in some form or fashion. (Then I usually keep them for fall and winter then let them grow in spring and summer.)  Right now they are just blah, so I'm definitely needing a change!! Here is a recent pic of my BFF and me at her baby shower.

I thought about continuing to grow my bangs and do a long, dramatic side swept like Candace Cameron Bure.

However, I think they would constantly get in my eyes and drive me crazy!

Whenever I see people with cute straight across/blunt bangs (every time I watch Devil Wears Prada, whenever I look at People Mag and see a celeb rocking them, whenever New Girl was on, etc.) I always say to my hubby that it makes me want them again! Here are a few I love!

The pretty Cameron Richardson

The Future Mrs. Timberlake

Ms. Richie

Taylor Swift

The Former Mrs. Tom Cruise

The cute and quirky Zooey Deschanel-one of my favorite hair inspirations

So, after looking at all of these pics I have decided to get blunt bangs again! My appointment is set for September 7 - Can't wait!

As I've said before, styles always seem to come back around. Here's my parents in 1970 - My cute mom has blunt bangs...and don't you just LOVE the bow!!! (and no, that is not me...I didn't come until 13 years later!!)

Have a loveleigh day everyone!

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