Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello loveleigh's!

I have been watching these robes for a while at Target. They came out around the holidays and I thought about asking for them for Christmas. However, I don't think asking for stuff from Target because it would kill me to have someone spend full price on something that I could get later for 70% less - ha!! :)

I already have a big, fluffy, long robe that I got for Christmas last year (it even has my name on it). It's so soft and's like wearing a blanket! It's perfect for the cold winter, but I also like having a shorter, lighter robe that I can throw on when it's warmer (or when I'm doing my hair...I get too hot in my big fluffy robe when I'm drying my hair!) so I this would be perfect! This one is short and does have the really soft sherpa lining in the hood and on the bottom of the sleeves, but the rest of it is just the soft, light terry material.


My hardest decision was trying to decide on a color...and not to buy 1 in each color (I have a really, really bad habit of doing this!) It comes in pink, gray, purple and turquoise. They didn't have the pink in my size so I decided on the gray since I thought it would go with the most. However, my willpower of only buying 1 may weaken next time I'm at Target! ha! (I mean c'mon, a robe for $6.58?) :)

For those of you who like to shop way ahead, these would make great Christmas gifts for 2013!!

Have a loveleigh day everyone!!

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