Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Showers Bring...Snow Boots

Hello loveleigh's! It has been awhile since I have posted and I'm going to try to post more often! I have lots of ideas...I just don't always follow thru with posting them:)

A couple weekends ago I went to DSW-I had a $10 "rewards certificate" from some shoes Ryan had purchased (and actually took back) and then I received a $10 off any purchase coupon in my email. After reading the fine print I saw that I could use them together (yay!) so I took my $20 and went straight to the clearance section! After browsing thru several racks I tried on 3 pairs of boots and decided on these.

Guess Wedge Snow Boots :) These will definitely come in handy next winter!! (Unless of course we have another mild winter like this past year.) They had originally been $100 and were 70% off which made them $30....minus my $20 in coupons and rewards....I left paying $10.87 including tax :)

Want to get great deals too? Sign up for DSW's Reward Program! I signed up in the fall and have already received a $10 off any purchase coupon 3 times! I don't ever really shop there unless I have a coupon. Once they send it to me, I always head straight for the clearance section and look for the items that are 70% (or more!) off. (Shopping Tip: The sign above the shoes shows different colors that represents the stickers on the marked down shoes and what % off that pertains to [i.e. Red=30% off, etc.]. 80% is not shown on the sign, but if you look, usually you can find some.....I believe they have a yellow sticker) :)

Have a loveleigh day! :)

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