Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loveleigh Shopping Destinations

Hello loveleigh's!

Part of bargain shopping is knowing WHERE to shop! I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite places to shop :)

1. Forever 21-What girl doesn't love Forever 21? I remember going there for the first time my senior year of high school on spring break in Texas. I was in awe:) Prior to them opening a store in Kansas City (I still don't know why it took them so long), I would always go in and stock up on things when I was out of town (Texas, Chicago, St Louis, LA) or would order things online. I was so excited once we got them here a few years ago and especially once we got one at Oak Park Mall! There is always a huge selection (so much that it sometimes can be overwhelming) and this is one of the few places that I will buy things full price. I'll often look online before I go since there are so many items in the store. This gives me a way to sort through things and to look for items that have great prices. Then, I go to the store and keep an eye out for these specific things. (Though often times trying to actually find it in the store is challenging and everything that is online isn't always in the store!) The key to Forever 21 is to go when you have some time. There is so much to look at!

2. Target-My favorite 1 stop shopping place! I can go to the bank, get my groceries, toiletries, a new pair of cute shoes, a dress, a bathing suit and a new shade of nail polish all at the same place! There just so happens to be a Target right by my work and another one right on my way home from work (and only a few minutes from my house) so I go to Target pretty frequently. When it comes to clothes, shoes or accessories, I rarely ever buy anything full price at Target. Target used to mark down their stuff on a scale of 25%, 50%, 75% but I believe they have recently changed it to 30%, 50%, 70% (so better initial markdown but 3rd markdown isn't as great). I usually try to wait until it is 70% off unless it is something that I really, really like and don't think it will still be there at 70% off (like if it's the only one left). Even then I will usually only get it if it's 50% off (and will probably keep checking to see if I can find it cheaper). If I do find it cheaper, I simply return the higher priced one :)

3. Kohl's-Okay, I have a confession. I used to think that Kohl's was boring and wouldn't admit that I liked it. Then I found myself going there more frequently and realized that I actually do like it! Kohl's is one of those places that everything always appears to be "on sale" (can we say marketing technique!). However, I think most of their "sale" prices are still way too expensive. I honestly only shop for things that are on clearance AND if I have a coupon! There is almost always a coupon for at least 15% off (sometimes 20% or 30%) and you can use it on anything (i.e. clearance). So, I take my coupon in and head straight for the clearance and look for things that are 70% or 80% off. 80% is typically their lowest markdown. Occasionally you might be able to find something that is 90% off, but those are pretty few and far in between. Last year, by shopping clearance and using a coupon I got this cute blue puffy coat for $6! (This is just 1 example of MANY) :)

4. Nordstrom-Yes, I know. Nordstrom doesn't scream bargain. However, they DO have sales and one of the few things that I will splurge on is designer jeans (but that is a whole another blog post) :) They have their Half Yearly Sales and Anniversary Sale where you can get new items for the upcoming season marked down! (So basically you can get them on sale as soon as they come out) :) I don't shop at Nordstrom all the time, but I DO like it for a few specific items. (and their yummy cafe!!!)
5. Burlington Coat Factory-Even though it's called a coat factory, I look here for shoes! I have gotten quite a few pairs of cute shoes here for $10-$15 full price!

6. H&M-We FINALLY got an H&M here last year (yes, Kansas City is a bit slow when it comes to fashion sometimes). However, my closet already contained quite a bit of H&M from our trips to Chicago and LA :) I typically look for their "red tag" things when I shop here or the occassional item that I feel is cheap enough to begin with.

7. DSW-I only shop here when I have a $10 off any purchase coupon. Then I head straight for the Clearance rack and look for the 70% (or the ocassional 80% off) shoes. Besides the $10 Guess Boots I mentioned in a previous post, I bought a pair of slippers for $0.18 (yes, 18 CENTS) and a pair of adorable Steve Madden flats (which I will be posting soon) for under $4.00 :)

Where are some of YOUR favorite places to shop?

Have a loveleigh day!

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