Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Threebie Freebie & An Addendum

Hello loveleigh's! We all love getting free stuff, right? No matter how small it is, I love getting stuff free! :) Often times company's will give away free stuff to get you to try their product (or whatever they are selling) in hopes that you will try it, love it, and then come back and buy it!

This weekend I got 3 items totally free :)

As I mentioned before, I have a Victoria's Secret credit card and one of the perks is they send out coupons for free undies quite often! I usually get one about once a month and they are "no purchase necessary"! You can go to either a normal Victoria's Secret or a Victoria's Secret PINK store for these. On some of the freebies they limit you on the color, but I've found if you go to the PINK store, they typically let you choose whatever color or print you want (even if the coupon says certain colors). The ones I got were hot pink with a cute little bow. Price tag=$11.50. My cost=$0.00

They will usually give you a receipt with your freebie (yes, a receipt for $0.00), and if you look towards the bottom, there is typically a $10 off a $50 purchase by going and filling out a survey. As an addendum to my previous 2 posts:

12. Always Check Your Receipt-Often times in exchange for filling out a short survey online or via phone you can save money on your next visit (by bringing back the receipt with the code filled in). Sometimes it's a certain % off and sometimes it may be a certain dollar amount off. This is a great tip with any receipt you get whether it's from buying clothing, food or groceries! Also, don't forget to turn your receipt over-some have coupons printed right on the back that most people overlook!

13. Sign Up for Text Messaging/Mobile Coupons-I mentioned signing up for emails but a lot of places have mobile coupons/offers as well! (Again, not just clothing retailers - a lot of restaurants have this as well!) Last week I received one from JC Penney that said "Visit the nearest jcp salon in May and receive a complimentary quick hair touch up and an OPI mini nail polish". I stopped by the salon and was given the choice of a hot pink or maroon mini OPI polish (why is everything miniature so cute?!) and was also given a (large - 0.85 fl oz.) sample of Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. Since this is a serum, a little goes a long ways so this will last me a while! (The polish too...have you really ever used a whole bottle of nail polish?!) I didn't have to show the text message, so if you're wanting to pick up a couple freebies too, head into your nearest JC Penney salon!

Have a loveleigh day! :)


  1. After I read this, my friend and I went to JC Penny's, got the free OPI nail polish and instead of serum they flat ironed our hair for free. Then Sephora was doing free make-overs with a free gift (mascara!) afterwards. Thanks for the info on this!

  2. I got my free panties on Sunday! Can I be you please? lol

  3. Rachel-Glad it worked for you! Love freebies! (and yay on the free mascara at Sephora!) :)

    Lindsey-yay for free panties!! :) Just keep your eye out and you'll find freebies and bargains too!