Friday, May 11, 2012

From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours - Part 2

Hello loveleigh's! Yesterday I posted Part 1 From My {Bargain Shopping} Heart to Yours :) Here are the rest!

7. Check Different Locations-Different stores will carry different merchandise and will also mark down things at different times. There are 3 different Targets that I go to (depending on where I'm at) and they all 3 carry slightly different things and mark down items at different times. A couple months ago I bought some shoes that were 70% off at one Target but were still full price at a different location!  This is important to keep in mind, especially if you see something you like that isn't marked down yet (or marked down low enough) or if you buy something and see it at another location for a lower price.

8. Online-I honestly don't do a lot of shopping online. However, sometimes I will go online before I go to a store. This can be helpful for stores that are large or that have a lot of merchandise (hello, Forever 21). By going online first, often times you can narrow down specific things to look for once you get in a store. Keep in mind though, that you might not always be able to find everything that is online in the store. I look online at Nordstrom quite a bit which is a great way to snag sale items - and they have free shipping which is always a huge plus when it comes to online shopping!

9. Small? Shop Kids!-Yes, I will admit it. I still shop in the kids department occassionally. If you are small and petite and/or have small feet, don't be afraid to go to the kids department! Often times their stuff is cheaper and chances are you probably won't run into anyone else wearing it (except for maybe an 8 year old) ;) Some of you will remember these from Day 26 of "One Month of Shoes". I got them in the kid's department at Target last year for $4.24! :)

10. Try On-I'm mentioning trying stuff on because this can help you narrow down items and help you decide if you really want to buy it. Sometimes things can look completely different on than on the hanger. No matter how inexpensive it is, it's not a great deal if you will never wear it!!

11. Know the Return Policy-Different stores have different return policys. Some are 21 days, some 30 days, some 60 days, some 90 days, some no time limit at all! Some offer cash back while others only offer store credit. All of this is good to know at stores you frequent. That way if you find a better deal somewhere else you can simply and easily return the more expensive one.

I hope these tips have helped you! If there are any that YOU have feel free to add them in the comments below.

Have a loveleigh day everyone!! :)

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