Friday, September 7, 2012

I Hate Shopping

Hello loveleigh's!

Yes, me, the author of this blog Loveleigh Shopaholic Confessions just said I hate shopping......for specific items.

I have been on a quest for a new denim jacket. I have one...but I need to get rid of it. It doesn't fit right and it's just not very cute. I want one that is fitted, a lighter wash and that is vintage/worn in/slightly destroyed looking. I would also like to only pay $20-$30. You wouldn't think that would be very hard to find, right? Wrong. So, so wrong.

I bought this one at Forever 21 (but it was a little darker than that and looked much cuter in person). The shoulders and arms fit perfectly, the length was good...but after getting it home and trying it on again, I realized that the waist was not fitted at all and created a boxy shape. Back to the store it went.

After failed Attempt #1, I decided to look all over the mall and went in stores I never go in. (Reason #1 I hate shopping for specific makes me do crazy things! ha!) :) I went in American Eagle, Aeropostale and Abercrombie Kids to name a few.

I found this one at American Eagle....Even though it was $49.95 I still tried it on. (Reason #2 I hate shopping for specific things...I always spend way more than I want and more than I normally would) Cute, right? Nope. Like the Forever 21 one, it wasn't very fitted at the bottom either.

Next, it was onto Aeropostale. I found this one which fit really well (finally!) BUT it wasn't really the color I wanted (which I could have lived with) AND it has pink plaid on the underneath part of the sleeves. I get that you would only see the plaid if you rolled them, but I want to be able to roll the sleeves or cuff them!!! Also, at the time this jacket was full price. The website says this is now $20 (great price!!), so I'm considering going back and buying this as a 2nd option and just never cuff it. (I said 2nd option because I will keep looking for the one that I really want...wherever it is!)

I went into Abercrombie Kids (because I figured Abercrombie would be too expensive). I have shopped there in my adult life....but either I have gotten taller/bigger or everything in the store has shrunk. I get that it's a kids store, but seriously everything looked miniature. Oh, and they didn't have any denim jackets.

Sigh. Time to resort to Ebay. I've ordered a few things off Ebay, but it's hard with clothes because you don't know if it will fit. I found this jacket from Abercrombie on there. I won it for $29.10 including shipping. I got it yesterday in the mail and was hoping it wouldn't be too big. Well, it definitely wasn't too big. I tried it on and it is so cute on!!! It's exactly what I want-perfect color, perfect length, perfect distressing, looks like a perfect fit....except I feel like Randy in a Christmas Story when he has the snow suit on and can't move his arms. The arms and armpit (<--sorry, I hate that word) area are so tight I might as well be having my blood pressure checked. I tried it on several times throughout the night, thinking that it would somehow magically get bigger the more I tried it on or maybe it wasn't so bad. I don't understand - this is a Juniors small (not even an x-small) and I'm not a very big person! I'm so bummed because it's exactly what I wanted. (Reason #3 I hate shopping for something specific-you find it and it's exactly what you are looking for but it doesn't fit.) Once I fully stop being in denial that this is simply not going to work I will relist it on Ebay.

So, there you have it. I love shopping, but I really, really dislike shopping for something specific. It stresses me out, I become obsessed and I will probably end up spending way too much! I'm going to go to a few more places tonight after my hair appt (yes, today is the day for my bangs and I can hardly wait!). Wish me luck!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone! 

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