Friday, September 21, 2012

Arm Party

Happy Friday loveleigh's!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE accessories!! I have an [organized] drawer full of them! As of late, I've been focused on bracelets. The stacking/layering trend is huge right now and I'm taking part! This is a fun and [can be] inexpensive trend that will help liven up your wardrobe! In fact, you may already have pieces laying around that are perfect for this and may not even realize it!

Here are a couple examples of my recent "arm parties"!

Silver & Pearl Arm Party
Pearl Bracelet & Pearl I Am Loved Bracelet-Helzberg Diamonds (FREE)
Silver Stack Bracelets-H&M
Silver Chain Bracelet-Forever 21
I had all of these bracelets already except for the Silver Chain Bracelet which I picked up for $4.80!

Gold Arm Party
Both Chain Bracelets-Forever 21

So, I went "shopping" at my parent's house again! I remembered I had these dainty little ID bracelets when I was little [like grade school age!] and I thought would be perfect for stacking/layering! Luckily I have small wrists so they still fit!

Ok so, I love the J.Crew Pave bracelet but refuse to pay $125 for it. I have found similar ones but they were either too expensive too or the really cheap ones just looked and What I love about the J. Crew one is it takes something edgy and hard like chain metal and softens it with pave crystals/rhinestones. I decided to take that concept and do a little DIY project. I bought the 2 bracelets in the Gold Arm Party above for around $4.80 each. The one with bigger links actually started out silver. (Silver is all they had!) I bought this nail polish at Target for around $ looks like gold dust! I gave each bracelet several coats. This "softened" the look of the shiny metal and adding a hint of shimmer! I know it's obviously not the same as the J. Crew one, but this was a heck of a lot cheaper and I was very happy with the end result! I still need to apply some type of clear/top coat to them just to prevent any chips. Not bad for around $13 though :)


Now, go shopping in your jewelry collection...if you don't like what you have or need more, Forever 21 and H&M are really great, inexpensive places you can go to add to what you already have! Have fun creating YOUR arm party!

Have a loveleigh weekend everyone!

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