Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 22 & 23-Cameos and Pearls

Hello loveleigh's! Today is another double post day since I didn't post yesterday! That's okay though because the 2 accessories go well together :)

Cameos, as well as pearls, are both classic. They will never go out of style and are something you can wear no matter if you are 15, 50, 105 or anywhere in between :)

These cameo's had been my Grandma's or my mom's. This first pink, gold and white cameo simply fastens onto a the pearl necklace you see here.

I attached this "charm" cameo (the other side is a timepiece!) to an inexpensive (dollar aisle at Target!) pearl necklace. Who knew dollar pearls could be so cute!! Love it!

This black and white cameo is a pin. It can be worn as a pin or attached to a piece of jewelry like I did with this pearl bracelet. I'm thinking of "butterflying" (repurposing) this by removing the pin part and permanently attaching it to this bracelet or perhaps a ring....we'll see :)

I love pearls! There is something so simple, elegant and timeless about them. You can never go wrong with a little black dress and pearls!!

I had mentioned in this previous post that I have received freebies from Helzberg's! Throughout the last couple of years they have sent me cards in the mail or emails with a freebie on it. Some were for my birthday (sign up for their emails and you can get a freebie on your birthday too!) and others were just throughout the year. All I had to do was take the card or email into the store to pick up the item. I have acquired 4 pairs of pearl studs, pearl stack bracelets and 3 "I am Loved" charm bracelets. Since I have 3 of the same charm bracelet, I simply hooked 2 of them together and made it into a I have a matching set :) Not bad for FREE jewelry! After adding these to pearls I already owned, I think I'm set on pearls!

Here are a couple of snapshots of my hubby and I...and my pearls :)

I think every woman should own some pearls - whether they are real, expensive pearls or inexpensive ones, they are a perfect addition to every accessory wardrobe!

Would YOU like to win some? If so, leave me a comment on here! I will pick 1 person and they will get 3 pearl stud earrings (1 pink, 1 gray and 1 pearl color-they are all brand new, never worn:)) and the I am Loved bracelet-all from Helzberg Diamonds!

Have a loveleigh night! :)


  1. Love pearls!!!! Love the blog. :) its girlie and sophisticated.

  2. so fun! pearls are something i have never tried wearing..i have now been inspired :)

    Lauren :)