Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fashion Craves

Hello loveleigh's!

Here are my top 5 current fasion craves.

1. Hendri Bendel Wellies in Black. I mentioned here about discovering Henri Bendel and my early birthday present. These wellies are normally $88 but the black ones are on sale/clearance for $44. Love the stripes! (I mean c'mon, who doesn't?) Plus they would match my purse :) I could see myself wearing these a lot in the fall/winter on the weekends (if we ever get to fall weather that is). I may order these before I get to the end of my post...

2. Denim Jacket-I have a denim jacket....but it's several years old. It doesn't fit like I want it to.

I tried one on at Nordstrom (I think it was this one in the dark wash). I would only like to spend $30 or under. I do have a $20 Nordstrom Note so the Nordstrom one would be around $40. I may go back and get it since this would definitely be a wardrobe staple that I would probably wear all the time. I could wear it with the Bendel boots too ;)

Here is a pic of the beautiful Vanessa Lachey pairing hers with a maxi, which I love! I love that hers has snaps instead of buttons too!

3. The Bubble Necklace Yes, I know I'm a little behind on this trend (at least in blogging world). However, I refuse to pay an absurd $150 for this. Thanks to Ebay (and China) though, I can pay about 90% less :) These are as cheap as $11.99 on Ebay. Here's the colors I'm thinking. I may order 2 now (hot pink and turquoise) and 2 later (green and blue).

4. Chambray Shirt-I realize, like #3 I'm a little behind on this trend too. I honestly wasn't sure at first if I even liked them. (I kept having flashbacks to the early 90's...I'm pretty sure I had one when I was in 4th grade...and it had pearls on it.) Plus, I've seen some celebs in them looking like they just rolled out of bed. Not. flattering. However, after seeing some cute outfits that real people are wearing, I have decided I want one (and will probably wear it often....hopefully mine won't be unflattering.) I mentioned here that I tried a few on this weekend but couldn't find the right one. I'm still looking for the right one. It will fit perfectly and be around $15!

Good Chambray:

Bad Chambray:
*Please note-I like both Vanessa AND Jessica..just not Jessica's choice of outfit here! :)
(I even had 2 JS songs in my wedding, including the one I walked down the aisle to!)

5. Sheer Shirt-I really like this outfit I pinned on Pinterest and have been looking for a light colored sheer shirt. There is a fine line between a super cute sheer shirt and one looking like an 80 year old would wear...or like you stepped out of 1992. I have tried on a few unsuccessful ones. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, right?

I feel like I would wear all of these quite a bit. Some are wardrobe staples and others are more fun but are very versatile! Oh, and I did order the boots :) I signed my hubby up and had him "order for me". By doing this I saved 10% AND got free ground shipping (normally $9) so my grand total was $39.60 :) Yay!

What are you current fashion craves?

Have a loveleigh day everyone!

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