Monday, July 23, 2012

Unsuccessful Shopping

Hello loveleigh's!

Have you ever had one of those unsuccessful shopping days....the kind that you may go to several different places and try on several different things, but they don't have your size or nothing works/fits/etc.? That was my Saturday!

It actually started on Friday. I went to Target over lunch and saw these cute little sandals on clearance for $4.48:

They are girl's, but I have small feet so I can usually fit into a 3 or 4. Unfortunately they did not have anything bigger than a 2 so I figured I would just look at a different Target. 4 Target's* later? (including 1 where they were on clearance for $2 and change?!) Nope. Sigh. (*No, I did not drive all over the City just going to Target. When I was going other places on Saturday they had Target's near, so since I was by them I checked them.)  Maybe I will order them online. $7.48 still isn't a bad deal!

Next, I went to the mall...mainly to go in Nordstrom (which was CRAZY due to the Anniversary Sale!).

I found these white Hudson Beth Baby Bootcut Jeans on sale/clearance and tried them on.

Unfortunately they only had the size up from mine...I was hoping they would still work, but they were too big. As a last resort I checked the website and they don't even have the size I tried on.

Next, I headed up to the BP department where I tried on this Lush Sheer Panel High/Low Shirt in ivory.

The shirt fit okay but I could not stand the back! I get the high/low trend that is in right now; however, the back reminded me of tuxedo tails and literally came down to the backs of my knees. Umm, no thank you. One of the girls who worked there told me I could try tucking it in or tieing it (and then tied it for me). Umm, no again. Not the look I was going for.

Next, I went in Love Culture which just opened here. (Saturday was actually it's grand opening day). Of course nothing fit right. I tried on 2 Chambray/denim was too big and the other was too small in the boobage area. (Button down shirts and I sometimes have issues...they fit great through the body but are too tight in the boobage area or fit in the boobage area but are too big in the body...does anyone else have this problem?!) I tried on several other shirts and a maxi dress...all were too big or didn't fit right. The only thing that fit was a tank and a pair of pants...and by then I decided I didn't really like them that much! Ha!

Apparently it just wasn't my day to buy anything! I did get my free undies from VS and a pair of cute boot socks and Steve Madden gray lace hose from DSW (I paid under $2.00 for both!) with my coupons (because, of course, I didn't really find any shoes, go figure!)

Oh well! I'm not TOO just means next time I'll probably find a TON of stuff! :) (and yes, believe it or not, I do realize there are way more important things in life than my unsuccessful shopping trip!) ;)

Do YOU ever have shopping days like this?

Have a good one, loveleigh's!

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  1. I HATE those unsuccessful shopping days! I saw one of those shirts with the tuxedo tail, I don't think i like them either... It would be better if they weren't split in the back, that I don't mind!