Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy [Early] Birthday To Me

Hello loveleigh's!

My birthday isn't until the end of September but my birthday present arrived last week! :)

We went to Texas for Christmas to visit my hubbies family. Our good friends friends Matt & Brittany also happen to live there so we met up with them to do a little shopping and they introduced me to all that is Henri Bendel. (Fun fact: Henri Bendel was the first retailer to bring the designs of Coco Chanel over to the US from Paris!) Shortly after looking around, I fell in love with this purse!

I have a thing for stripes and a Satchel shaped purse. This was both. It was also $375. One of the reasons we were at the mall in the first place was so I could purchase a different purse (more on that in another post) so I didn't buy this one.

We don't have a Henri Bendel here, so since then I have checked their website from time to time...mainly just to see if they still had it. I randomly happened to check last Tuesday and discovered that it was on sale for $283.50...and had free shipping. I texted the hubby and told him this would be a great birthday/anniversary present but didn't think it would still be available 3 months from now so he said I should go ahead and get it (not that he really would have said no anyways! ha!) :) I had to create an account and right after they sent me a 10% off code! So, on sale for $283.50...free shipping...plus 10% off...and for some reason they didn't charge me tax. SO, if I had gotten it around Christmas, in store, it would have been over $400 (since I would have had to pay tax). My grand total? $255.15! Yay!!

Brown & White Striped Leather with Brown Patent Leather Handles
Love the details on the inside! Purple Satin Lining, Zip Pocket AND Open Pocket on Inside,
White Leather Detail, Gold Henri Bendel Emblem and a Cute Bow
Gold Feet on Bottom of Purse (Love this so the bottom doesn't get dirty!)
It came with this adorable mirror! It clips in so it's removable. Love, love, love this!
Love all the details on this purse! Even the hardware is customized!
Gold and silver with the Henri Bendel name on it!

I'm super happy with my [early] birthday present! (and no, I will NOT be waiting until September to carry it!) It's cute and classic so I will be carrying this one for a while!

Have a loveleigh day!

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