Friday, July 6, 2012

Three's Company

Hello loveleigh's! Have you ever watched Three's Company? It is one of my favorite old shows! (Yes, the show ended a year after I was born, but thanks to TV Land I became a fan!) I pulled a "three's company" with shoes this week at Kohl's! (Yes I followed my own rule and shopped clearance with a coupon!)

The "Jack":
I'm sure Mr. Roper would not have been surprised if Jack would have worn these!
On Clearance for $9.99 + 20% off coupon

The "Janet":
Pretty sure Janet could have rocked these with her bell bottoms!

On Clearance for $14.99 + 20% off

The "Chrissy":
I could def see Ms. Snow pairing these with a pair of short shorts and a tank!

On Clearance for $13.99 + 15% off

Have a loveleigh weekend!


  1. Those boots are so so cute! I'm so happy to be following along! :)

  2. Those rain-boots are a STEAL! As goes for the heels....I'm too tall...dang it.

    Amanda at we & serendipity

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad you both are following along :) (and if you really like them, stop by your local Kohl's and if they have them, grab yourself a pair for fall!) :)