Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello loveleigh's! It's Friday :) Yay! Here are some reasons it's going to be a good day today (besides the fact that it is Friday):

1. I had a donut for breakfast. (My boss brings in donuts every Friday!)
2. Going to try Freebirds that just opened here!
3. Going to try one of Starbucks new refresher drinks (for free!) (You can too! Go here for details!)
4. Get to do #2 and #3 with my hubby because he is off work today!
5. Going to a baseball game tonight with some new friends! Haven't been to a baseball game since high school and I'm actually really looking forward to it! :)
6. Giveaway time!

From time to time on here, if I see something I really like or find a really amazing deal, I may not only post about it, I may share it with you, my readers, in the form of a giveaway!

I told you here that I went to Old Navy for the first time in forever and really liked some of their jewelry. I spotted these little beauties and decided to get myself a pair and giveaway a pair!

Rules/How to Enter:
1. You must be a follower of my blog (Head over to the right hand side-you have options! Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin or via email)
2. Leave a comment here of why today is a good day for you (remember - it's often the little things in life!)
3. How to earn extra entries: Tell others about my blog via your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. (If you do this, please leave this in your comment telling me what you did! You will earn 1 extra entry per each way you advertise my blog.)
4. Contest will end Thursday July 19, 2012 at 11:59pm CST and the winner will be announced on Friday July 20, 2012.

Good luck loveleigh's!


  1. Today is a good day because although nothing has gone right for me for over a week and ive currenrly been dealing with a life altering diagnosis I know that my life is worth living and that im not finished bc I feel defeated im only finshed if i quit and I refuse to give up!

  2. Today is a great day because my hubby worked from home and we got to have a lunch date and free drinks from Starbucks! Plus the sun was shining!

  3. TWeeted!

  4. lovely giveaway my dear!!
    how about folowing each other?
    im folowing u on gfc now. Hope u visit me n folow me back on gfc and facebook page :)

  5. Hello, I just recently discovered your blog and I'm definitely liking your style! Your most recent post inspired me to try to win the earrings. :) I followed you via my email (itstricky).
    Today is a good day because my fiance had the day off from work. It was a dreary day so we couldn't go to the pool. Instead we spent the day going to different playgrounds (very exciting for our 3 yr old), the library, and getting Rita's water ice. Not sure if they have Rita's water ice near you but it's delicious!!! It was a nice day even though it was cloudy and gray!

    Also I pinned you on my pinterest for another entry-

    Thanks! :)