Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12-Concrete and Wood

Hi loveleigh's!!! So, I'm really excited to get back to the 1 Month of Accessories! I'm even thinking of having a give away at the accessories anyone?? I'll have to put a little more thought into it but just thought I'd mention it :)

If you looked at the title to my post, it's called "concrete and wood"....I'm sure you are wondering what concrete and wood have to do with accessories. Today, they have everything to do with them!

I got these earrings for Christmas from my husband's Aunt Patrice. She has a habit of finding really unique, fun gifts! The earrings themselves are a fun design but what I love about them is that they are made out of wood!

Keeping with the theme of unusual materials today, the 2nd accessory is my husband's wedding ring (though, of course, it is more than just an accessory). We got him a new ring for our 5 year anniversary and it's made of stainless steel and...concrete. Yep, concrete. The dark band in the center is concrete! His brother and sister-in-law told us about this awesome website, Konzuk that has really cool, unique, modern jewelry. There is a really fun stainless steel and concrete bracelet that I have been eyeing.

Have a loveleigh day everyone!!!

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