Friday, January 20, 2012

Days 19 & 20-Birds of a Feather Accessorize Together

Hello loveleigh's! I missed posting yesterday so today I'll be posting 2 days :)

Feathers have made their way into fashion recently. You see them everywhere from wedding dresses to hair extensions to accessories. I wasn't sure how I felt about them at first but decided I did like them so a few months ago I got some feathers of my own :)

Gray Feather Earrings

Silver Feather Ring
I was at my parents house looking through some of my Mom's old jewelry and found this bracelet. The saying, "If you wait long enough things will come back in style" applies here! I'm sure she bought this bracelet 10 or 20 years ago :) Honestly, a few years ago I wouldn't have given it another thought but now I think it's super cute!

Gold Feather Bracelet

I've mentioned I tend to like bigger, bolder jewelry and I have always loved rings (I'm pretty sure I have pictures when I was like 5 and I have a ring on!). This was one of my Forever 21 finds. I love that it is big and bold and it goes well with the feather bracelet :)

Have a great weekend loveleigh's! :)

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