Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16-Who Says You Can't Wear White After Labor Day?

Happy Monday loveleigh's! One of the age old questions in fashion is, "Can you wear white after Labor Day"? While I don't think you should show up to your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day dinner dressed head to toe in all white, (and really, if you are going to wear all white it has to be done very carefully in the first place, but that is for a whole other post!) I personally think it's completely fine to wear white after Labor Day. What I love about white is it can instantly brighten up any outfit, especially when you mix it with black-I love the contrast! For New Year's Eve I wore a white short sleeved sweater that had just a touch of silver in it with jeans and sparkly heels. I wore white, I was festive, but I didn't look like it was mid July (or like a Disco ball). I don't think it's so much about the color as it is the fabric or what the item actually is. But again, that is for a whole other post!!

White accessories are an easy way you can brighten up a dark winter wardrobe (and then of course they are great for Spring and Summer!) and white and silver is even better!

I love this scarf because it has silver in it without being over the top. This is perfect to throw on with a black shirt, jeans and black boots in the winter (along with some of the other white accessories below) and then in spring pair it with a black maxi dress and silver sandals.
White & Silver Scarf from H&M
I have always loved big rings. This one is simple but adds just a touch of white to any outfit. 
Never underestimate the power of bangle bracelets! I love them!
This is just an inexpensive white one paired with a few silver ones.
And the look all together - simple, easy and inexpensive :) (Ring from Gordmans, White Bracelet from Forever 21 and Silver Bangles from H&M. (All were under $5/each.)
Watches don't have to be expensive!. I got this silver watch that has a white face on it at Target for $15.
White Open Hoop Earrings 

Have a loveleigh day!

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