Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18-Butterflying Your Jewelry

Hello loveleigh's! My post today is called "Butterflying Your Jewelry". As we all know a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and is later turned into a butterfly. The caterpillar is "repurposed" so to speak and made into something else. You can do the same with your jewelry!

I had this old (vintage) bracelet (another something that had been my Grandma's). The problem was it wouldn't stay fastened and would always fall off so I rarely wore it (and honestly it was a little too dainty for my taste - I like bigger, bolder jewelry!) :) So...I decided to make it into earrings!

First, I took off the clasp part but left the end that the clasp was hooked onto (which made the 2 ends the  same). Next, I cut the bracelet in half (wire cutters are great for this!). I had another pair of earrings I didn't wear anymore, so I simply removed the fishhook part (the part that goes in your ear) from those and attached it onto each piece where the clasp used to be. Voila! Earrings!

"Butterflying" (or repurposing :)) your jewelry can be a fun way to give your jewelry a makeover, it just takes a little thought and creativity!

Let me know if you "butterfly" any of your jewelry - I would love to hear about it! :)

Have a loveleigh day!!

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