Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Hello loveleigh's! I really wanted to start up this blog on Jan 1 but it wasn't exactly like I wanted it. It still isn't, but I decided to go ahead with it and it will just be a work in progress :)  I have looked at some other fashion blogs to get ideas and many of them post only high end designer styles. While that is fine, the average person (like me!) can't afford that! I'm excited to share with you my latest (and most likely bargain) shopping finds and tips :)

Speaking of shopping....I went over the weekend and bought this cute, girly, pink top at Kohl's for around $7. I will pair it with a pair of dark skinnies, my pink sparkly heels and some pink/cream pearl/cameo jewelry....something like you will see below. Have a loveleigh day everyone!

Pretty in Pink

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